D’Deli, Golden CO

Name: D’Deli
1207 Washington Avenue
Golden, Colorado 80401
Website: www.ddelisubs.com
Phone: 303-279-8020
Rating: *****
D’Deli is one of my favorite places to get a sandwich, because they are always so nice in there. They use the freshest Italian Bread, the best ingredients, and they let me come up with my own sandwiches.


They are located right in Downtown Golden Colorado and are open 11-5 on most days. In the summer they change their hours a little bit, so you probably want to call them, but if you are in the area, go say hi to Al, Mike, Tim, and the rest of the gang! They will make you the best sandwich in Golden!

check out www.ddelisubs.com for more info!


3 thoughts on “D’Deli, Golden CO

  1. I went by there on friday, when the weather was really nice out, and D’Deli was totally packed! People sitting outside, a line out the door, and they were jamming! it was great to see my favorite shop doing so well!

    here is a photo:

  2. As a lifelong Subway consumer, my first reaction to the taste and freshness of a D’Deli sandwich went something like, “So, this is what being unplugged from the Matrix feels like.” Anybody who has seen the 1999 film (The Matrix) understands what i’m talking about.

    A great sandwhich awaits for you at D’Deli!

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