Saldamarco’s, Clinton CT

Name: Saldamarco’s Deli
86 East Main Street
Clinton, CT 06413
Mon-Sat 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sun 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Phone: 860-669-3469
Rating: ****

Saldamarco’s is the place that comes to mind when I think about sandwiches in Clinton, CT. I am much happier that their hours are a little longer now, and the quality of meats and breads has not changed at all since I lived there. The bread is soft, but doesn’t soak through too easily, and they have a great selection of meats. they make their own roast beef and a couple of other meats, and they have really good sides. The meatball sub is really big, and you will probably need a couple of napkins because it is messy.

Prices are good for the portions that you get, and the selection of imported sodas and baked goods is fantastic. Even though the place looks a little rundown, and there are no tables to sit and eat there, the food is fantastic and the deli has a lot of character.

If you are driving down the coast of CT, or staying at hammonasset for a weekend, go to Saldamarcos.
Check out the Sandwich menu for what they have.


2 thoughts on “Saldamarco’s, Clinton CT

  1. The new owner has made many improvements to the Deli, including a few tables inside to eat at, a patio outside with limited seating and more ambiance to the decor. The food is fantastic with more choices and the portions are more than filling. Everyone is pleasant and helpful. It’s worth the stop

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