Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewpub, Nederland CO

Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewpub in Nederland, CO is a fantastic place to go enjoy a nice patio, some good bbq, and a good handcrafted beer. You can really experience what life is like in the mountains in Colorado in this sleepy little town. For such a small town, there sure are some good restaurants, and a lot of happenings. There is plenty to do in the way of hiking, biking, kayaking, coffin races, etc. Head up up west of boulder about 20 miles and enjoy the outdoors.

Wild Mountain Smokehouse is right in “downtown” and can’t really be missed. It is easy to find, easy to get to, and the wait is not really all that long. Even if it is, you can walk around main street and it will totally be worth it. They have a selection of bbq sauces that will settle anyone’s cravings for heat, but also have some that are mild enough for the tamer palettes. Enjoy their sides too!

Click here for their menu


One thought on “Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewpub, Nederland CO

  1. I had lunch today with 36 visitors from Fort Collins Senior Center. NOT the most enjoyable outing, even though the food was good (when it finally arrived at our table — we waited an hour and ten minutes for our meals.) It was a great inconvenience for the management to allow the waitress to provide one check for each table rather than separate checks — sorting everyone’s meal, tip and tax was a nightmare. BUT, to be told that you were “OUT OF BEEF” was unbelievable! You are a SMOKEHOUSE and had known for weeks that 36 people were scheduled for lunch today, yet you had no beef! Pork and chicken as the only options? You must be kidding.

    Nor did our waitress ever so much as smile and made it very clear that she would rather be doing anything other than serving us. Never offered drink refills and had to be reminded over and over to bring napkins, straws, etc. I realize this is Nederland, which is a country unto itself and marches to its own drumbeat, but how hard is it to provide decent service when you have 36 customers padding your otherwise slow Monday traffic?

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