Sandwich Media

This is a place where you can watch videos, listen to audio, and maybe even play sandwich games… there will also be all sorts of photos and other fun stuff that I can find about sandwiches… Please feel free to add as you find appropriate.

I cannot get the video to embed, but click on the link to see the greatest movie sandwiches….

Authentic Kosher Deli to open in West Hartford- NBC Connecticut

NPR Sandwich Mondays- NPR

Tips for Outstanding Sandwiches- Providence Journal

Awesome PB&J Energy….

An article about Jimmy John’s Trying to sue another company for infringement on names… Another reason why Jimmy John’s Sucks….. Thanks for the article Brian!
Jimmy John’s sues halsted-street deli over sandwich similarties

These people share my passion for sandwiches…

Fox News article about sandwiches:

A tribute to Elvis’s Sandwich> It turns out that the caterer that we are using was the owner of this restaurant and came up with this sandwich for elvis… how cool is that?


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