Best Grilled Cheese Evar

There are two ways to make a grilled cheese. Weak, and awesome. Even a weak grilled cheese is still pretty tasty, and it still requires proper technique to create the perfect grilled goodness.

1. Get our ingredients together: Bread, Cheese, insides
• Good bread is essential. It cannot be too weak, nor can it be too oaty. Sourdoughs, wheat breads, and light multi-grain are perfect. Depending on the cheeses, rye or pumpernickel can also be a great change!
• Good cheese does not always mean that it is good for a grilled cheese. Some cheeses have higher moisture content, which means they will dry out before they get melty. I love smoked gouda, but it doesn’t go very well in grilled cheeses. havarti, swiss, cheddar, pepper jack, american, monterey jack, and munster are my favorites
• Insides: Put whatever you want in there. i prefer to put things that have crunch, but are also not too watery. Jalepenos are fantastic, french fries, red peppers, onions, etc. Some people like tomatoes, but not me. other people like bacon on their grilled cheese….. not me. Whatever you like though, make sure you have it ready. Add some garlic salt, cracked fresh pepper, basil, a little bit of mint or rosemary (just a touch) and it will really bring out the flavors.
2. Butter and Assemble: Butter is the trick to a good grilled cheese. you need to actually butter ALL sides of the bread. You start out with a bread side flat down, then butter the inside, then put in your insides, then butter the bottom of the top bread, then the top. put butter in the pan to get the part that doesn’t have butter, and you don’t have butter all over your counter top. If you are doing a triple decker, you need to either toast or butter and lighlty brown the middle layer, so it is not just soggy bread. Also, when the butter is melted, you know the pan is hot enough.
Grill to Perfection: Some people like their sandwiches burnt (they say it brings out the flavor), and some like them so the cheese is just barely melted. I prefer a nice golden brown, with the cheese starting to melt around the insides, but not bubbling out the edges. This is a low temperature adventure. You don’t need to get the pan super hot to melt the cheese…. a nice medium to low temp will work just fine. you need to make sure that you are not burning the bread too much as you wait for your cheese to melt… Flip seldomly, but as your sandwich starts to brown, keep an eye on it.
Pick your side: Soup, fries, chips, cheetos, etc. Soup is always a good choice, especially if it is a little bit thicker so you can dip the sandwich in it for extra flavor potential. I normally go with either soup or fries, but a nice fresh garden salad can compliment whatever you put on the inside very nicely (think symmetry… if you have peppers and onions in your sandwich, put a couple of peppers and onions in your salad.. with some of that mint…)

So those are the basics of the grilled cheese… here are the ingredients for the BEST GRILLED CHEESE EVAR!
• texas toast (3 slices)
• anahiem peppers
• jalepenos
• thin fries (sweet potato fries and waffle fries work well)
• anahiem cream cheese
• pepper jack
• American Cheese
• garlic salt
• cilantro/mint (just a little bit), and basil (also just a little bit)

Here are some of my other favorite things to put on a grilled cheese sandwich:
• roasted garlic, red peppers and onions, vegetarian chili, bbq potato chips, artichoke, olives….


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