Garden Fresh Turkey Sandwich

Here are the steps to make a tasty delite that can be spiced up with some of the plants you have in your garden. Not everyone has the opportunity to grow a full garden full of veggies, but there is always enough room for a couple of spice plants. Cilantro, Mint, Basil and Oregano are great for starters.

here is a step by step tutorial of the layers involved in making a tasty turkey sandwich with a little extra zest.

1. Toast the bread. I used a good sourdough for this one, which worked out really well. The sourdough toasts up nicely, giving the sandwich a little bit of a crunch, without having to add to much to it.

2. Add some thinly sliced tomatoes to one side. Make sure they are not too juicy, and they are not too thick. You don’t need them sliding off and causing a mess!

3. Add a touch of cilantro.

4. Then take a couple of sprigs of mint and shred those really fine. Add those in with the cilantro, trying to make a good balance.

5. Next comes the turkey. You want to fold it over so it gives the sandwich a little bit more volume. if you put it down flat, it will just look sort of boring… nobody wants a boring looking sandwich.

6. Next comes the roasted red peppers. You want to cut them into strips, and spread them out, because you don’t want too much of the sandwich covered with the red peppers. The red pepper can really over power the other flavors in the sandwich if you have to bite into it every time (ask my girlfriend, i made this mistake with hers). I like to lay them down at a diagonal, so you can mix it up every bite.

7. Next comes the avocado. Again you don’t want too much. About 1/4 avocado per sandwich is pretty good. I like to criss cross the strips of avocado to the red peppers, to alternate the flavors and help balance out the roasted red pepper and oil that goes with it.

8. Just a pinch of salt and pepper now. Fresh cracked black pepper is the way to go, but regular black pepper would be fine if you don’t have a pepper grinder. I like to use big grains of sea salt as well, because that way you don’t have a ton of salt, but the flavors are a little more intense.

9. Now you need a sauce. This one was a roasted red raspberry chipotle sauce. It could also have been a bbq sauce mixed with a little bit of jam, or some kind of other sweeter sauce that would keep your palate en-guarde. Spread it thin to keep things from getting out of balance. Too much sauce can really mess things up.

10. Top if off with a side of some sort. Chips or in this case olives.

11. Enjoy the sandwich, and all of its layers….


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