Steak Sandwich with herbed butter, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh spinach and a demiglaze

Here is a fun little sandwich I came up with the other day at my friends’ wedding.

What you need, and the order in which it goes down on the sandwich….

1 dinner roll, sliced in half.
1 tsp herbed butter (garlic and rosemary i think)
3 tblspn garlic mashed potatoes
4 spinach leaves or spring greens (a few more would be ok, but the rolls are small)
3 oz steak medallion, sliced thinner to pull apart more easily
1 tsp demiglaze

First prepare your ingredients, then slather up the bottom of the roll with the herbed butter. Then add garlic mashed potatoes. Next layer is the spinach, so it sticks to the potatoes and doesn’t slide off. Next pile on the meat, and pour on the demiglaze, so it is right against the bread. Double up the recipe, because you will want 2 of these little sandwiches.


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