The Jewzer Recipe

So I have been making sandwiches for a while, and I am a big fan of taste theory. I really like to mix a lot of stuff together, but I also want a sandwich that is memorable when you are finished eating it. In fact, I like to have a sandwich that is easy to describe the taste elements, as well as be able to have some kind of intense flavor combos. the Jewzer is one of these sandwiches.

The Jewzer first came to fruition at D’Deli in downtown Golden, CO. It is a great sandwich shop that uses the freshest italian bread, amazing veggies, and lets you put whatever you want on your sandwich. The prices are good, and everything is super fresh. I used to go in and order this sandwich before it was called the Jewzer, and finally Al the Owner decided he needed to try it. Here is the recipe:

• Fresh Italian Bread
• Roast Beef
• honey
• Spinach
• Artichoke hearts
• Jalepenos
• Sundried Tomatoes
• Cucumbers
• Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper

Here is how you do it: Slice open the bread, be liberal with the honey (directly against the bread, so it soaks in and doesn’t get all over the place), lay down the Roast Beef, then the artichoke hearts, cukes, and spinach. Put the jalepenos and sundried on next, then spread on the olive oil, S&P. Close up the sandwich and cut it in half. Eat and enjoy. The jalepenos inside separate from the honey are a good way to prevent the tastes from balancing each other out so quickly. They will eventually, but the honey hits your tongue first, then the jalepenos give you a kick as you chew. It sounds a little odd, but it is really awesome.

If you make a big sandwich and cut it into smaller chunks, it is a great party platter. A Challah bread is a great way to make a big platter of these sandwiches. The egg in the challah is a little odd, but the bread is sweet so it goes well with the honey. A good vegetarian option is to use smoked gouda instead of the roast beef….

Here is a picture of the sandwich as a sandwich of the day:

Here is a picture of the namesake of the sandwich, while hosting a sandwich:


2 thoughts on “The Jewzer Recipe

    • I never thought about subbing Portobello mushrooms. I normally make the vegetarian version with Smoke Gouda instead…. I may have to try the Portobello. Thanks for the suggestion!

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