Rainy day sandwiches and movies

Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing much of anything. Sometimes you feel like sitting down, not really thinking about much, and having yourself a good time with some friends. Some times that means watching a movie, going out for a hike or a picnic, or spending a rainy day trying to figure out where you are going to go to get a sandwich that is a little different than those that you normally get.

I am sometimes appreciative of the rainy days we get out here, because we get the chance to not feel bad about staying inside and just hanging out. My wonderful girlfriend Emily, and one of my roommates, Lincoln decided we were going to go to the mall, grab something to eat, and go watch a movie…

yes. i did say we went to the mall….
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Roast beef on a cute little roll, au jus style

When life serves you lemons, you make lemonade. When life serves you roast beef and rolls, you make sandwiches. When life serves you pasta with a pesto sauce, you put it next to your sandwich, because pasta doesn’t go in sandwiches.

That would just be silly…
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Teriyaki Wasabi Bison Steak with peppers, onions Au Jus

Today was a great day for sandwiches. I had leftovers from last night, which happened to be bison tenderloin tips, marinated in a wasabi, teriyaki sauce, with some ginger, some garlic, and some parsley. I left it a little on the rare side in case things needed to get heated up again, i didn’t want them to be well done, so today was the perfect day for a steak sandwich. It was cold out today, that kind of cold that gets into your bones, so I wanted a sandwich that would warm me up when I got home.

I knew I had the steak, but I had no idea what type of bread I was going to find in my cabinet. As it turns out, my options were everything bagel, cinnamon bread, or hotdog rolls. I went with the hotdog rolls. It should have been a classic amoroso roll from Philly, but no way i was driving out to the supermarket just to get some bread.

Well, since I knew that I couldn’t just put the steak pieces in the microwave, I decided to thinly slice them and make the au jus while I fried up some peppers, green onions, and garlic. I sliced the bison chunks as thinly as I could, and warmed up my home-made au jus. Soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, sesame chili oil, a little ginger, a little water, and a little bit of coca-cola. Not exactly the best for you, but it tastes good. I added in my thinly sliced meat pieces, and I let it warm up for a couple of minutes. I got the peppers nice and crispy, and when everything was ready, i split open the hot-dog buns, spread out the peppers, and added in the meat. A couple of spoonfuls of the au-jus and it was ready to eat!

If I would have done things differently, I would have had a better roll, and some more garlic… and probably some onions as well.