Las Tortas is freaking AWESOME!!!!!

In an effort to make my friend’s head explode, i am trying to see if I can get two blogs done in 2 days. It has been a while, but since my wife and lovely child are gone for a few days, I am really trying to buckle down.

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Gardens make good sandwiches

You can make a good sandwich without a garden, but some of the very simple things that grow in your garden are often a great add on to any sandwich. Today was a nice warm day. Sunny outside, people bustling around the neighborhood, and people starting to get into the spring mode.

Today’s sandwich was a turkey on sourdough with a roasted raspberry chipotle sauce, some fresh tomato, cilantro, mint, and avocado. Check out the recipe section to see how to make one of these tasty garden-fed delites!

This means that it is time to start thinking about what you want on your sandwiches! You can really spice up your sandwiches with just a few simple steps.
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