Is a sandwich by any other name still a sangwich?

I have been eating a lot of sandwiches lately, and have to get them up here, because they range from bbq on cornbread to homemade meatballs on garlic bread…. and some stuff in between. This thread is about what you call a sandwich…. i was watching Jersey Shore the other day and there happened to be a lot of mentions about sandwiches…. I think that is great….. but similar to the drama on the show, here is how my frustration could not be contained, and i threw something at the tv screen…
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Airport Sandwiches are on the up and up…

get it? Airports, airplanes, up and up…? Yeah, i know. it was a really bad joke, but hey, that is my kind of humor. So when we flew back to CT for a wedding a couple of weeks ago, we took the redeye to JFK and I was waiting for my girlfriend and her twin to freshen up after the flight, I noticed the sandwich place in the JetBlue Terminal. Now, it being 7am, I was not really all that awake, but I did notice some nice looking sandwiches in what appeared to be a pretty decent little deli/kiosk/bar/ thing. They were just getting things going there, but there were a couple of nice people working there, and there were a surprisingly good amount of people that came over, checked out the menu, and then went and sat at one of the barstools. I decided to take a look at the menu instead of just look at the fake sandwiches, fully expecting to see very generic blah sandwiches, but they had a good selection, with a wide array of options. I was pleasantly surprised. The prices were also shocking to me, but not in the way that you would think.
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Garlic, Horseradish Cheese and Fried Egg on a Cornbread Tostada

So we have already covered that Dunkin Donuts is more american than Cornbread and American Cheese, so i had to step it up a little with this next breakfast sandwich. I wasn’t feeling super creative, but I had already had my donut for the morning from Dunkies….. I decided I would try and mix it up a little with something between southern comfort food, and a little more exotic sandwich.
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Another Breakfast Sandwich

So the same trip I took where I got to eat the sloppy joe, I made it a point to eat at least 1 sandwich every day. To start the sandwich day out right, you have to start out with a breakfast sandwich!

So this is how it went down…
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