Breadless sandwiches are not sandwiches

the KFC Double Down is more of a disgrace to sandwiches than anything else I have ever seen. If canada won’t serve it because it is too disgusting (and this coming from the guys who invented fries and poutine) there is something wrong with it. Yes it has layers (chicken, the General’s “Sauce”, and Bacon) but it is missing the key ingredient to make a sandwich. BREAD!!!!!!

There are all sorts of blog posts about the double down right now, and it is making the news left and right, but it also happened to be perfect timing for this blog topic. I am a big fan of burritos and wraps as well… Very often wraps are considered sandwiches, and they can come pretty close. Some things, like lettuce wraps are very tasty. I guess if you are on a paleo diet and can only eat raw stuff, this would work, but not having bread takes a lot away from the sandwich.

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Sandwich Vs Burrito: A Poem to Display Greatness

In a battle which would win,
since burritos do not have arms to pin?
Would a burrito wrapped tight
put up a good fight?
or would the sandwich
turn into a manwich?

What is the best way to settle this battle?
Would it be with two cowboys in the saddle
or with a kayak and a paddle?
If you don’t want to know, then ski-daddle!

I like fresh veggies,
i don’t like wedgies.
I like the lettuce, so crisp and pleasant,
but burritos are favorites of my tenant.

The trick for sandwiches is the bread,
and what goes on in your head,
when you add the dressings, the insides,
and whatever else you devise.

I think in a rumble,
the sandwich would tumble,
but my stomach would grumble,
if neither did win.

Burritos are wrapped up all nice,
and have the right amount of spice,
but there is always something messy,
about the last bite.

Sandwiches stay consistent, unless you suck at making them.

which i don’t.