This is a sandwich named after my newborn son. His name is Henry Isidor Dobish, and we thought that it was only proper that I make a sandwich for him.  I went down to <a>D’Deli</a> with my friend and fellow sandwich lover Phil, and while we were in line, I was thinking about things that should go on a sandwich that would be representative of what my awesome newborn was.

Well, lets see… he was only about 1 month old at the time, and he didn’t really do very much beside eat, sleep, poop, pee, and eat some more.  That and be really really cute and adorable.  My sister-inlaw coined the term Henry Isidorable, which I thought was perfect.  As I was going into my sandwich making decisions, I decided that I should utilize both classic symbolism, as well as visual representations of how awesome my child is.

So here goes,

The base of the sandwich is strong and hearty. A nice wheat bread, thick yet squishy, sort of like my baby. He came out at 9 lbs.  Next came a layer of spicy brown mustard because that is what baby poop looks like.  I also threw down some olives, because i like olives, and the olive branch is a symbol of peace.  So far he has brought joy and peace into my life, and I am sure he will continue to do so.

Then I did a layer of cheese, and I went with a classic cheddar. I should have gone with 2 types of cheese, or at least double the cheese, because the only thing he eats right now is boobs. Boobs=milk=cheese. Pretty easy.

Next was a layer of Baby Spinach (because he’s a baby and Emily loves spinach), some carrots (because he was jaundiced), and some sprouts (because he is growing like one!). I topped it off with a little bit of oil (because sometimes we have to put some baby oil on him to keep his skin all soft and cuddly).

Then I ate it, which I did not do to my baby.  The sandwich was good. it was a little heavy  on the spinach, and I would have liked to have a little bit more cheese, but the flavors were great.  It was nice and light, with a balance between the mustard and the cheddar.  Every bite was enjoyable, just as every minute I get to spend with my child is enjoyable.  I think with very little refinement, this sandwich could be a good addition to one of my standards…. One day Henry, you will get to make your own sandwiches.  Until then though, you have to eat the ones we make for you… and actually, you don’t even get to eat those.


A sandwich that smiles back

I found this goldfish bread. it looks like a goldfish so I made a sandwich now my sandwich smiles back. it was a very simple sandwich but it made me smile so it gets an A


Sudo Make Me a Sandwich Robot….

While I will agree that I am probably one of the laziest people alive, and I applaud the effort to make a robot to create a sandwich for you, I Like Isaac Asimov, would say that there are foodamental flaws with this “robot” due to its nature.
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Rainy day sandwiches and movies

Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing much of anything. Sometimes you feel like sitting down, not really thinking about much, and having yourself a good time with some friends. Some times that means watching a movie, going out for a hike or a picnic, or spending a rainy day trying to figure out where you are going to go to get a sandwich that is a little different than those that you normally get.

I am sometimes appreciative of the rainy days we get out here, because we get the chance to not feel bad about staying inside and just hanging out. My wonderful girlfriend Emily, and one of my roommates, Lincoln decided we were going to go to the mall, grab something to eat, and go watch a movie…

yes. i did say we went to the mall….
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Cheese and Fruit doesn’t have to be on a plate by itself

If you go to a fancy restuarant, they always have fancy cheese platters with fruits and jams and stuff like Brie. They always serve them with crackers, and people think that it is ok to mix the cheese, the fruit and the cracker, but when you go to put it on a sandwich, people look at you funny. I mean, it is perfectly natural to want to make a sandwich out of these things.

The other day I wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but when I opened up the fridge, I realized I had a nice fresh block of monteray jack cheese in there that I hadn’t given any attention to in a while. I already had the jelly in my hand from the desire for the PB&J, so i stuck with it. While poking my head in the fridge, I came across some roasted red peppers, as well as a couple of lettuce pieces that looked sad in the drawer.

I decided to see what I could do…..
Toasted 7 grain bread
Boysenberry Jam on one side.
5 slices of Monteray Jack Cheese (little slices, not the horizontal way)
1 Roasted Red Pepper
Some crushed mint and a couple of cilantro leaves
2 Pieces of lettuce
12 walnuts
Other piece of bread.

It was a tasty sandwich, which was totally blog worthy for a couple of reasons. 1: desires can change; go with it.. you never know what you will end up with. it could have been terrible, but it worked out. 2: it worked out because it was done in the right way. If you put the peppers right next to the jelly, it would have been terrible. if you put the walnuts next to the cheese it could have been ok, but walnuts and jam could be bad. Cheese and jam is good. Cheese and peppers are good. Peppers and mint is good, peppers and cilantro good. Boysenberry and cilantro-bad. walnuts + bread= good. Lettuce + Jam= bad.

see, there are a lot of combinations against you in this sandwich, but in the end it worked out!