This is a Mannwich for you Mr. and Mrs. Mann: BBQ on cornbread

So the whole reason I was in CT in the first place was to go to a wedding. The last time I saw the two getting married, they were riding their bikes across the country and needed a place to crash, and a tent that didn’t suck. Well, those were two things that I was able to provide for them, and their wedding was a lot of fun…

But I am not going to talk about the actual wedding, I am going to talk about the food… and the fact that the groom commented on the fact that I should be making a sandwich at his wedding.
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Garlic, Horseradish Cheese and Fried Egg on a Cornbread Tostada

So we have already covered that Dunkin Donuts is more american than Cornbread and American Cheese, so i had to step it up a little with this next breakfast sandwich. I wasn’t feeling super creative, but I had already had my donut for the morning from Dunkies….. I decided I would try and mix it up a little with something between southern comfort food, and a little more exotic sandwich.
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A breakfast concoction, ‘Merican Style

What is more American than cornbread, American Cheese, Fried Eggs, and more cornbread? Dunkin Donuts. And Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee.
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