Another Fine D’Deli Sandwich: Turkey, Siracha, Honey, Pesto, Roasted Garlic, Sunflower Seeds and lots of greens

This sandwich was another fine example of why my local deli is so great…. the encourage people to put lots of stuff on their sandwiches and be creative. they want you to take some time in the line and enjoy your time there.

I was working on my house and was sort of hungry, so my roommate and I went down to D’Deli. He went with the Bahn Mi, which is a favorite of mine, but I wanted a variation of it. I went with a big turkey sandwich, but on one side of the bread i put a little bit of Siracha, some roasted garlic, some honey, and some chipotle aioli. On the other side I put some pesto. And then some sunflower seeds. Then I put down some turkey, on the side with the pesto. Then on top of that I put down some carrots…. then some sprouts… then some mixed greens. there was some fresh basil and cilantro in there. there were some red peppers in there as well… all in all, it was a very flavorful sandwich. here is a picture of it… being yummy.

But I think something went wrong somewhere….
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Picnics from the Picnic Basket, Narragansett RI

I think D’Deli is spoiling me, because it is really tough to find sandwiches that compare. This sandwich blog has really gotten me into some funny conversations, and when people see my credit card with a sandwich on it, they think I am insane! Well, I went to the eye doctors the other day in Wakefield RI, which is right down the street from Narragansett Beach. There are all sorts of chains as well as small shops to go to, so my aunt and cousin and I went to this little place called the Picnic Basket. The location was great, right across from the beach and in a fun little space. I bet they get tons of traffic because of their location and their name! Even when we were in there, there were a lot of sandwiches going out the door.

I walked in and was pretty excited as it reminded me of my home deli. Chalkboards hanging above the meat counter with what I thought were options of meats, veggies, and cheeses to put on my sandwich! I was pretty excited, but as I got closer, I realized that they were all of the “specials” that they had, that were really just sandwiches. There was a tiny little hand written piece of scrap paper next to the ORDER NOW sign that said “condiments”. There is a big difference to me between a condiment, and a sandwich filling. I personally wouldn’t lump sauces with fillings. I think that they are two very distinct and unique aspects to the sandwich. That should have been my first clue. So I looked at the menu for a while, and nothing really jumped out at me. They had a turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich which sounded pretty good, and a cowabunga, which was roast beef with some spicy mustard and chipotle stuff. I really wanted to make my own, but i couldn’t find a list of veggies that they had to put on the sandwich. I even tried dissecting the veggie sandwiches, but they didn’t look like they had a lot to them from the menu descriptions.

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Another yummy D’Deli Sandwich, inspired by soup

So it rained all weekend, but we aren’t going to talk about that. My roommate and I really wanted soups, so we went to the google machine. I knew what the answer was going to be, but I asked, “where to get good soup, golden CO” and sure enough, D’Deli showed up as the number one option.

We walked down there in the drizzle, and waited inside to order…. i opted for the soup and sandwich combo, because it was a cold day, but i wanted something more than soup. I also wanted a sandwich to warm me up, but not a hot sandwich. that is what the soup was for. I ordered a turkey sandwich on white bread, with some special love.

I am going to give you a list of the ingredients… can you guess the order that they went on the sandwich? Please leave your comment below. Turkey, Roasted Garlic, Honey, Siracha, terryaki sauce, sprouts, roasted red peppers, basil, cilantro, corn and beans, carrots, crispy fried onions, and S&P. Now you tell me the order, but here is a picture of the soup and sandwich combo to get your mouth watering!

Today was a great day for sandwich eaters…

Any day you get to eat a sandwich is a great day. I walked down to my local sandwich shop D’Deli and they were super busy. I waited in line, ran into a few people, and finally with much anticipation went up to the counter. The owner, who has seen me order sandwiches without bread all week, looked at me hopefully.

“Give me a sandwich Al”
“Alright…. ” He said “What will it be?”
“Big one on Wheat”

and that is where it started to get good. We took a variation of the dirty hippy that my boss down at Bent Gate has been getting, and I made some changes. I thought about making my first post-pesach sandwich a jewzer, but i wanted something a little different. Here it is…

1. Wheat bread
2. Honey
3. Roasted Garlic
4. Cranberries
5. Fried Onions
6. Smoked Gouda
7. Carrots
8. Spring Mix
9. Cilantro
10. Sprouts
11. Corn and Beans
12. Fresh Tomatoes
13. Love

The sandwich was a great way back into the world of bread after not eating it all week… i think for dinner, i may make another sandwich… or maybe just eat some good bread with olive oil, rosemary, and balsamic.

A Sandwich without bread, is still a sandwich?

So what do you call a sandwich without bread? Is it still a sandwich? Would a sandwich by any other name still taste as good? What is the sandwich equivalent of “blue-balls”? More importantly, what do you do to relieve it?

Well, if you go back and look at what I think a sandwich is, with toasted bread, fine ingredients layered so carefully, and dressings or toppings that add extra flavor, then you would agree that you cannot have a sandwich without bread…. or some other kind of bread-like substance.

The other day I went into my favorite sandwich shop D’Deli and asked for a sandwich with no bread. The owner said… “a sandwich with no bread?”

I said “yes”.

He looked at me. I leaned over the counter and said… “Really, a sandwich with no bread. Pretend like you are going to make me a vegetarian sandwich, just don’t put it on the bread. Pretend it threw up or something…” He laughed and smiled.

“oh. you want a salad” he smirked.

“No. I want a sandwich without bread. It sounds better that way to me.”

This is what I got… A sandwich with no bread….

The pickles were a little weird, but everything else was pretty tasty.

Chain Sandwich Shops

the other day I was being heckled for this sandwich blog, and someone started asking me all sorts of questions about what is my favorite sandwich shop chain. My first thought was Schlotzky’s because they make a pretty good sandwich, with good bread and decent ingredients. They also toast things well too, unlike Quizno’s who just plain sucks. After some more pondering, I changed my mind to Spicy Pickle because they offer a slightly higher end sandwich; a panini. A panini is a type of sandwich, but the bread is turned inside out with olive oil, then pressed in a “panini press” for a couple of minutes to warm everything up inside.

After more pondering, I think i would say for a traditional sandwich, Schlotzky’s wins, but overall experience, i’m going with spicy pickle. The Spicy Pickle also does soups and salads as well…

Anyway, this brings me to my next point. DON’T GO TO CHAIN SANDWICH SHOPS!!!!!!
• they promote bad sandwiches
• they use crappy ingredients
• the bread is all pre-cooked way in advance, then warmed up
• You get what you pay for!
• if you have to have 37 different types of sauces, then toast it until it is so crispy you cannot fold it and have it stay together, there is something wrong with that!

Lets look at some examples:
• Quiznos: $4 Torpedo. it is a thin loaf that is just really long. they cut it in half, weigh out the ingredients, coat is in a sauce that comes out of a gallon jug, toast it after adding some “spices” (dried oregano), then cut it in half and give it back to you in a paper tube.
• Jimmy John’s: They have days where they offer sandwiches for $1! Yes, that’s great! Too bad ITS NOT WORTH IT! “Freaky Fast and Freaky Good” is their motto. They also have “Free Smells” as a sign on their door. There is one down the street from me (on the way to D’Deli, which I have yet to enter, and condsider an eyesore. I don’t want a sandwich that they can make in 20 seconds with sub-par ingredients.
• Subway: “The Sandwich Artists” and Jared are their two main selling points. Forget the fact that they are based out of Milford, CT, which is a place that doesn’t even have SUBWAYS! All subways smell the same… kind of like the gas station they are in or should be in. There are not very many stand-alone SUBWAY shops around… most of them are nestled into the corner somewhere. I mean, the bread always looks like it is being baked fresh in that fancy oven they all have, but really? Where is the dough being made? Are they kneading it when they are filling up the gas pumps? They also have a lot of sauces which are supposed to make the sandwich tasty, but most of the time all it does is give you gas…. I suppose if you are somewhere where this or McDonalds are the two options, this is a better one, but why didn’t you think ahead and bring your own sandwich in the first place!
• All other fast food restaurants that claim they have sandwiches: Wendy’s, McDonalds, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Hardees, etc… these are not sandwiches. These are processed fast food between a bun with some mayo and lettuce and one slice of tomato… if you ask them to put fries in your sandwich, it probably won’t happen. I love me some wendy’s but I don’t call them sandwiches!

The Dirty Hippy Sandwich

So this is called the dirty hippy because it is a vegetarian sandwich…. it is at my favorite local sandwich shop D’Deli and it is downright fantastic now that they have crispy onions.

it is a sandwich with a variety of tastes, but as always, neatly balanced in layers.

• Start out with the bread. (at D’Deli they use Italian loaf, at home I use a multi-grain, a sourdough, or an Oat bread, unless I have italian loaf or something like that… garlic bread could work as well too, but only if it is not too strong) then put honey and teriyaki sauce directly on the bread
• then put down the cheeses. Smoked gouda, Pepper Jack, and Munster (sweeter cheeses… if using a cheddar, don’t go too sharp)
• Next is a layer of guacamole, on top of the cheese… spread thin, but not too thin
• then throw down some of the crispy onions and cilantro
• then some corn and bean mix (like a salsa, but no tomatoes… but if you have diced tomatoes, a couple would be good)
• then some spinach (fresh of course)
• then some red peppers
• then a very very very very very light touch of the teriyaki sauce (because most of the other stuff soaks into the bread…. you want a little of that zest to remain untouched)
• cut in half and eat…

the dirty hippy sandwich from D'Deli