Airport Sandwiches are still cruising…

So after we were in CT for the wedding, we had to get back somehow, so with a bag full of eggplant, we were waiting for our flight to get loaded. We were in boston, so i already had my dunkin donuts, but U was still a little hungry. The girl across the way from me looked like she was traveling pretty light, but then she pulled out the brown paper bag…
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Airport Sandwiches are on the up and up…

get it? Airports, airplanes, up and up…? Yeah, i know. it was a really bad joke, but hey, that is my kind of humor. So when we flew back to CT for a wedding a couple of weeks ago, we took the redeye to JFK and I was waiting for my girlfriend and her twin to freshen up after the flight, I noticed the sandwich place in the JetBlue Terminal. Now, it being 7am, I was not really all that awake, but I did notice some nice looking sandwiches in what appeared to be a pretty decent little deli/kiosk/bar/ thing. They were just getting things going there, but there were a couple of nice people working there, and there were a surprisingly good amount of people that came over, checked out the menu, and then went and sat at one of the barstools. I decided to take a look at the menu instead of just look at the fake sandwiches, fully expecting to see very generic blah sandwiches, but they had a good selection, with a wide array of options. I was pleasantly surprised. The prices were also shocking to me, but not in the way that you would think.
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Can Jewish Deli’s be Reformed?

Not only do I find this headline slightly amusing in the sense that they are not only talking about Jewish Deli’s, but it is kind of a fun play on words relating to sects of Judiasm and the “Reformation” that has occurred. It is quite thought provoking. However, this article really is not at all about the secular state of sects of Judiasm, it is about sandwiches. And delis. And everyone knows that Jewish Delis have the best sandwiches… especially if you are talking about Pastrami on Rye… piled high…. with mustard. and more pastrami… and probably some more mustard.

It is an interesting read that one of my roommates sent to me, and it talks a lot about the importance of ingredients, and making sure that not only are you using good ingredients, but making sure that they are good for the environment as well. There are a lot of trends leading towards organics, but then again there are a lot of chain restaurants that tend to lean towards the genetically modified varieties of foods as well. I mean, if Quiznos and Jimmy Johns can barely mention a sandwich in their ads, and KFC can try and promote something as horrific as the Double Down as a SANDWICH!!!!! then i think the overall trend is to not focus on what is good for people….

New York Times agrees with me and says that good sandwiches have good ingredients. yep. I guess i am right 🙂
Can Jewish Deli’s be reformed?

Corned Beef, Pastrami, Seranos and Mustard on Sourdough… toasted of course

I went skiing on tuesday, and as I was on my way back to work, I was really hungry (since I did not think it was going to take that long, i did not put a sandwich in my bag) so I decided to go to Two Brother’s Deli in Idaho Springs, CO. I haven’t been there in a while, so I figured I would see if it was as good as I remembered it being. It is right across the street from Tommyknocker’s where they have a pretty darn grilled cheese (triple decker, see my other posts on THE BEST GRILLED CHEESE EVAR!).

Well, the atmosphere hadn’t really changed, and the sandwiches had changed a little bit, but the service was a little slower than I remembered it being. I was asked 3 times what I was having on my sandwich, which was fine, but every time I was asked, there was a different ingredient thrown in there randomly. Eventually I ended up with a warmed Roast Beef and Pastrami Sandwich, with Spicy Brown Mustard, and Serrano Peppers…. on sourdough. It was very close to what I was going for, which was a warmed roast beef and pastrami sandwich on sourdough with spicy mustard and horse-radish, with a little bit of chopped garlic.

Here it is in its glory, basking in the sunlight:

They had a lot of veggie options, a really cool toaster (one of those big ones with the conveyer) and their rueben looked pretty tasty as well. They had a ton of really good bread options, and you can buy the loaves. The bread is a great size, and very tasty, with a lot of variety. The meats were good quality, and it appeared as though the veggies were pretty fresh. Great atmosphere with tasty food….

here is what you can use to make your own sandwich! Another neat little trick is to call them and have them make it to-go, scoot off the highway, pick it up, and head on up to the hills!

Hours Of Rescue, Idaho Springs
Monday–Sunday 6:30 am-6:00 pm
1424 Miner Street • 303-567-2439
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Chain Sandwich Shops

the other day I was being heckled for this sandwich blog, and someone started asking me all sorts of questions about what is my favorite sandwich shop chain. My first thought was Schlotzky’s because they make a pretty good sandwich, with good bread and decent ingredients. They also toast things well too, unlike Quizno’s who just plain sucks. After some more pondering, I changed my mind to Spicy Pickle because they offer a slightly higher end sandwich; a panini. A panini is a type of sandwich, but the bread is turned inside out with olive oil, then pressed in a “panini press” for a couple of minutes to warm everything up inside.

After more pondering, I think i would say for a traditional sandwich, Schlotzky’s wins, but overall experience, i’m going with spicy pickle. The Spicy Pickle also does soups and salads as well…

Anyway, this brings me to my next point. DON’T GO TO CHAIN SANDWICH SHOPS!!!!!!
• they promote bad sandwiches
• they use crappy ingredients
• the bread is all pre-cooked way in advance, then warmed up
• You get what you pay for!
• if you have to have 37 different types of sauces, then toast it until it is so crispy you cannot fold it and have it stay together, there is something wrong with that!

Lets look at some examples:
• Quiznos: $4 Torpedo. it is a thin loaf that is just really long. they cut it in half, weigh out the ingredients, coat is in a sauce that comes out of a gallon jug, toast it after adding some “spices” (dried oregano), then cut it in half and give it back to you in a paper tube.
• Jimmy John’s: They have days where they offer sandwiches for $1! Yes, that’s great! Too bad ITS NOT WORTH IT! “Freaky Fast and Freaky Good” is their motto. They also have “Free Smells” as a sign on their door. There is one down the street from me (on the way to D’Deli, which I have yet to enter, and condsider an eyesore. I don’t want a sandwich that they can make in 20 seconds with sub-par ingredients.
• Subway: “The Sandwich Artists” and Jared are their two main selling points. Forget the fact that they are based out of Milford, CT, which is a place that doesn’t even have SUBWAYS! All subways smell the same… kind of like the gas station they are in or should be in. There are not very many stand-alone SUBWAY shops around… most of them are nestled into the corner somewhere. I mean, the bread always looks like it is being baked fresh in that fancy oven they all have, but really? Where is the dough being made? Are they kneading it when they are filling up the gas pumps? They also have a lot of sauces which are supposed to make the sandwich tasty, but most of the time all it does is give you gas…. I suppose if you are somewhere where this or McDonalds are the two options, this is a better one, but why didn’t you think ahead and bring your own sandwich in the first place!
• All other fast food restaurants that claim they have sandwiches: Wendy’s, McDonalds, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Hardees, etc… these are not sandwiches. These are processed fast food between a bun with some mayo and lettuce and one slice of tomato… if you ask them to put fries in your sandwich, it probably won’t happen. I love me some wendy’s but I don’t call them sandwiches!