Today was a great day for sandwich eaters…

Any day you get to eat a sandwich is a great day. I walked down to my local sandwich shop D’Deli and they were super busy. I waited in line, ran into a few people, and finally with much anticipation went up to the counter. The owner, who has seen me order sandwiches without bread all week, looked at me hopefully.

“Give me a sandwich Al”
“Alright…. ” He said “What will it be?”
“Big one on Wheat”

and that is where it started to get good. We took a variation of the dirty hippy that my boss down at Bent Gate has been getting, and I made some changes. I thought about making my first post-pesach sandwich a jewzer, but i wanted something a little different. Here it is…

1. Wheat bread
2. Honey
3. Roasted Garlic
4. Cranberries
5. Fried Onions
6. Smoked Gouda
7. Carrots
8. Spring Mix
9. Cilantro
10. Sprouts
11. Corn and Beans
12. Fresh Tomatoes
13. Love

The sandwich was a great way back into the world of bread after not eating it all week… i think for dinner, i may make another sandwich… or maybe just eat some good bread with olive oil, rosemary, and balsamic.


The Dirty Hippy Sandwich

So this is called the dirty hippy because it is a vegetarian sandwich…. it is at my favorite local sandwich shop D’Deli and it is downright fantastic now that they have crispy onions.

it is a sandwich with a variety of tastes, but as always, neatly balanced in layers.

• Start out with the bread. (at D’Deli they use Italian loaf, at home I use a multi-grain, a sourdough, or an Oat bread, unless I have italian loaf or something like that… garlic bread could work as well too, but only if it is not too strong) then put honey and teriyaki sauce directly on the bread
• then put down the cheeses. Smoked gouda, Pepper Jack, and Munster (sweeter cheeses… if using a cheddar, don’t go too sharp)
• Next is a layer of guacamole, on top of the cheese… spread thin, but not too thin
• then throw down some of the crispy onions and cilantro
• then some corn and bean mix (like a salsa, but no tomatoes… but if you have diced tomatoes, a couple would be good)
• then some spinach (fresh of course)
• then some red peppers
• then a very very very very very light touch of the teriyaki sauce (because most of the other stuff soaks into the bread…. you want a little of that zest to remain untouched)
• cut in half and eat…

the dirty hippy sandwich from D'Deli