Garlic, Horseradish Cheese and Fried Egg on a Cornbread Tostada

So we have already covered that Dunkin Donuts is more american than Cornbread and American Cheese, so i had to step it up a little with this next breakfast sandwich. I wasn’t feeling super creative, but I had already had my donut for the morning from Dunkies….. I decided I would try and mix it up a little with something between southern comfort food, and a little more exotic sandwich.
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A breakfast concoction, ‘Merican Style

What is more American than cornbread, American Cheese, Fried Eggs, and more cornbread? Dunkin Donuts. And Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee.
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Breakfast is an important meal…

Breakfast is an important meal, and sandwiches are a big part of that if you are me. I like breakfast sandwiches. I tried to make a sandwich with french toast once, and that didn’t really work. I have made sandwiches out of waffles and pancakes and that works sometimes.

In fact, Dunkin Donuts has a breakfast sandwich on a waffle now… In addition to their croissant sandwich. I like croissant breakfast sandwiches, assuming the croissant is good… too fresh and it compresses too much, to old, and it is too flaky and it makes a mess.

You know how I feel about bagel sandwiches, and bread sandwiches for breakfast can be ok, if it is an egg sandwich, or lox and cream cheese on a pumpernickle or something…. what is the perfect breakfast sandwich bread?

What do you think? Is it an english muffin, with all the nooks and crannies? is it a piece of toast? I’ll tell you what it is…
it is a fresh made biscuit. Biscuits and gravy go well together, biscuits and hash browns go well, and so do biscuits and eggs. Mix them all together with a little bit of maple syrup and you have yourself a sandwich.

you have yourself a really tasty sandwich. They are sometimes 2 bite sized, and sometimes they are bigger, but they are always tasty, especially with a little bit of honey butter on there as well…. mmmmmm

This sandwich is from Davie’s Chuck Wagon

Sandwich Protectors

I have used donut protectors in the past while backcountry skiing, but this is a blog about sandwiches, not donuts. I have not really ever used a sandwich protector, but recently I have seen them popping up all over. My roommate has one, people have them at work, it is kind of funny. Some people use tupperware, because it is easier to put a sandwich with larger bread, or good bread. Most of the sandwich protectors that I have seen would fit old school wonderbread quite nicely. In fact, i think my roommate has a wonderbread sandwich protector. If you don’t know what the heck I am talking about, here is an image.

Sandwich Protector

I think that these are great idea if you need to take your sandwich with you and there is potential harm that could be done to the sandwich. I would prefer to not eat a smushed sandwich, but some people like that kind of stuff. Given that the bread that I use for sandwiches barely fits in my toaster (that is a totally different blog post for sure) it certainly will not fit in the sandwich protector. As much as i love sandwiches, I rarely put them in harms way and take them on trips, or I will gently place it in the top of the pack, where it gets a good view, but doesn’t get smushed… maybe next time i will bust out the tupperware container and give the sandwich proper protection from the elements and extraneous forces.