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This was my first trip to ModMarket over at Denver West.  At first thought, I was heading into a MUZAK store, since their logos are almost identical.  However, when I walked in the front door, I saw immediately that this was a different place. It was hip, chic, and smelled pretty good. They had about 10000000 menus posted on the front door, big tv screens, and had handouts.  There was a decent line, so I got to take my time thinking about what I wanted.

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Rendezvous Cafe vs Bridgewater Grill: Grilled Veggie Showdown

While this seems like it was a while ago, the topic of conversation is still the same. How can you have 2 different “Sandwiches” and have them be so different? This is a little grilled vegetable flatbread standoff from 2 local restaurants.

The first was from the Rendezvous Cafe in Denver, and this is a restaurant attached to the History Colorado Center. The museum is a fantastic place to go, very interactive, and really cool exhibits. In one of them, you can even do a ski jump. That has nothing to do with sandwiches, but it is still cool! (Actually, I believe that in the buffalo there, there is a spot for a lunch sack. if you can find it, you get a bonus.) So here is a little back story. We went there as a family, for the Hands on Heritage Festival and we decided to hang out and grab some food. There is a neat little cafe, called the Rendezvous Cafe. They have salads, burgers, sandwiches, etc.  It is a little overpriced, but what not any more than any museums normally are.  The portions were a little on the small side for what I got, but my large disappointment fell when my food arrived.  I ordered a grilled vegetable flatbread, and this is what I got.


Maybe my issue comes from a misunderstanding of what I thought I was getting. I thought I was getting a grilled flatbread, not just grilled vegetables in a pita.  This thing had broccoli, onions, peppers, goat cheese, balsamic and a severe case of bad distribution.  This thing was a structural nightmare. There were no actual layers, as all of the veggies were just tossed into the pita. There were a few pieces of goat cheese tossed in there, but it wasn’t nicely spread. I would have rather had the Pita left closed, and everything tossed on top with the pita folded over it, vs a broken pita filled with veggies. This felt like a bad impression of a D’Angelo’s pita pocket.

This was not a flatbread, and it was not a sandwich.  The thing fell apart after just a few bites, and there was not a single grill mark on the outside of the sandwich.  The veggies were cooked well, and there would have been a good balance between the balsamic, the veggies, and the goat cheese, but without the layering and proper spread of the love, it was more like eating one bite of got cheese, one bite of veggies, then taking a spoonfool of balsamic.

So even though it was tasty, I wasn’t very impressed. The views were great, the event was fun, and the museum is great, but if you are looking for a vegetarian sandwich, go with the veggie burger.

Fast forward a few days, when the entire family is still hanging out, and we are walking around our fantastic little town.  We  wanted to go somewhere to get a light meal, and a few adult beverages.  We decided on the Bridgewater Grill at the Golden Hotel.  I saw the Caprese Flatbread Sandwich, which had grilled portobella, tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, and balsamic reduction on a garlic flatbread.  When it came, it was better looking than I expected, especially given my recent venture into flatbreads.


So this was definitely more along the lines of what I was expecting. The flatbread was actually a flatbread, and it was grilled. You can actually see the grill marks.  You can see that they didn’t just throw stuff on the the bread. You can see that they took time to layer the cheese and the eggplant, with the basil and the tomatoes spread throughout. The balsamic is drizzled nicely, and there is that little bit of presentation that goes a long way. Personally, I would have liked to see the goat cheese spread, so you could actually stick the sandwich together, and i would not have minded a few extra veggies in there, but I knew what I was getting.  The vegetable to bread ratio was pretty good, and the flavors were tasty.  Even though the flatbread was grilled, it was still soft enough that I was able to fold it in half and it didn’t break apart.  All in all, I would say that this sandwich won, from a structure, a flavor, and a presentation level.

Now I have one more question to pose.  i am going to post a picture, and I would like you to comment on whether or not is is a sandwich.  I will give you my thoughts next time.


arugula, radishes, cilantro, and balsamic


This is a sandwich I had a month ago…. it was from D’Deli. It was very yummy, but my stomach was bothering me a little bit. I was hoping that the curry would help me out, and the honey would as well, but the relief was temporary…

It had honey, curry aioli, olive tapanade, fried onions, garlic, turkey, pickled ginger, cilantro, basil, and sprouts


It was kind of a mess, and I wasn’t sure about the curry and the olive tapanade together, but they were on different sides…. the cilantro and ginger balanced it out between the flavors. Not really sure I would get it again, but I don’t know if I just wasn’t feeling it because of the stomach bug or because it was sort of flavor overload…. Maybe I will go back and order it again, just to see… maybe add in some mushrooms and some mixed greens? or take out the tapanade…. i dunno….

Overall Sandwich Rating: B+
Presentation: B+
Structure: A
Flavors: B+ (I think there may have been too many)

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: A+
Service: A+
Price: A+

The Promotion: Another D’Deli Sub

I Recently got a promotion, so of course I had to go out and celebrate with a sandwich….

I walked into my favorite sandwich joint D’Deli and told the guys that I was feeling good and needed a sandwich to go with my attitude.  This is what Al, Tim and I came up with…
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Boom Boom Down, Don’t Tell them I’m the Informer

Some light listening as you read this blog…..

So I went to Boulder a while ago…. a long while ago, and while I didn’t get kicked out for being a snitch, I did have a pretty good sandwich.
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Fresh from someone else’s Garden: First Class Eggplant Parm on a garlic loaf

So after eating some sandwiches at weddings, making some meat balls with my mom, and having my fill of dunkin donuts iced coffee, Emily and I were finally back in Colorado, but little did my roommates know that I had brought them a couple of surprises….

I smuggled a couple of garden fresh eggplants from my parents garden… well not really smuggled, since there was nothing illegal about it, and they were given to me because my folks had way too many eggplants to know what to do with. The other surprise was a little bit more along the lines of a body in a bag….
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