Guest Blog: The only thing better than a Sandwich; Soup and Sandwich

“The only thing better than a Sandwich; Soup and Sandwich”

by Guest Blogger The Philz

Preface: I love soup. Making it and eating it. If you don’t like soup, this blog isn’t for you.

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A sandwich at grandmas

I recently read a book called: Life is Good at Grandma’s, written by Stacey Donovan and illustrated by Cary Phillips.. In this book, they talk about Life is good at Grandma’s, because you can check the rules at the door. The book later goes on to talk about how the kitchen is full of your favorite foods, and how only grandma knows how to make your supersecret favorite sandwich.
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Review: “Toast IT” brand reusable toaster bags

I got a link from a few of my friends, and guest blogger extraordinaire, and it was about toaster bags, that would turn your toaster into a grill. Click here for the video! On the same day that I got that link, I purchased some Toast IT brand toaster bags that claim to do the same thing.


Well, here is my review, and the steps that I took to make myself a “Grilled Cheese” using the recommended methods.
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Not what you would expect from a place with animal heads all over…

Kodiak Jack’s Steak and Seafood in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is pretty much what you might expect when you walk into a restaurant in Oshkosh. The restaurant itself is a mix between a taxidermy shop, your local bar, and an awesome salad bar. This is place is a real wisconsin establishment, and not somewhere normal people would take a vegan or a lactard…

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Chicken and Waffles, not just for breakfast anymore

After a day of skiing with great friends, soft snow, my friend and fellow sandwich lover Phil and I decided that we should stop by Tommy Knockers Brewery for some food and brew. I have been there before, and their Pastrami was ok, but their grilled cheese was amazing (pre-sandwich blog…. but it has jalepenos and is a double decker…mmmmm). But after a day of skiing, Tommyknockers is a great place to stop. And stop we did.
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Tommy knockers: didn’t quite get this one knocked out

So after a good day of skiing, my brother and I decided to go grab some food. We stopped at tommy knockers which has some awesome sandwiches, including the Ulitmate Grilled Cheese.

This time I went with the hot pastrami with onions and jalapeno horse radish dressing.  Initial thoughts… Sandwich looks good. Bread toasted well. Meat cut thinly but not that much of it.

First reaction; good texture. A little thin and not very much jalapeno flavor.

Added fries to it; much thicker and felt stronger. Still needed some more spice. Meat was good.

Overall: B/B-


Sudo Make Me a Sandwich Robot….

While I will agree that I am probably one of the laziest people alive, and I applaud the effort to make a robot to create a sandwich for you, I Like Isaac Asimov, would say that there are foodamental flaws with this “robot” due to its nature.
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