Guest Blogger: David Rontal- Why a hotdog is a sandwich

Because I have not updated the blog in a while, some people get really touchy about it. They have resorted to becoming guest blogs.

Since you are only a wanna-be sandwich blogger, I figured I would help out with some content this week.

Here is a blog post on why a hot dog is a sandwich. Feel free to author a counterpoint. However, should you disagree with me, I’ll burn down your house.

Why a hotdog is a sandwich

bread (a bun is bread) + filling (the hot dog) + sauces (mustard only) = sandwich.

Disagree with me and I’ll slash your car tires.

While I do not fully agree, I must pose a couple of questions….
1. what about a chicago dog?
2. what about kielbasa or sausage, are these sandwiches? can you use only mustard on them? What happens if you add sauerkraut?
3. Does a hotdog eating contest count as a sandwich eating contest? most of them don’t use mustard at all.
4. What if you eat your hotdog without a bun, is it a hotdog, or a breadless sandwich?