Guest Blog: The only thing better than a Sandwich; Soup and Sandwich

“The only thing better than a Sandwich; Soup and Sandwich”

by Guest Blogger The Philz

Preface: I love soup. Making it and eating it. If you don’t like soup, this blog isn’t for you.

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And now for something completely different

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Is Jimmy John’s Serious… Insane? i think so

So by now you may know, that I am not a huge fan of Jimmy John’s. I think their whole “Freaky Fast” thing is ridiculous, their business model is skewed, their advertising bugs the crap out of me an anyone who has to listen to any of their ads, their sandwiches all taste the same, and supposedly the highlight of the place is their mayo. For a guy who doesn’t eat mayo, I don’t think I can classify that as a highlight.

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Another Jimmy John’s Suckage Report

My Best Man from my wedding just had a Jimmy John’s Unwich…. he has been deleted from all of my wedding photos.

My work just ordered a bunch of Jimmy John’s Subs, expecting freaky good and freaky fast…. with some delivery…. but wait, they didn’t deliver them. Someone had to go down there and spend 45 minutes picking up 8 sandwiches.  Then they forgot the chips, cookies and pickles on half of the orders.  They didn’t want to drive up here and deliver them…. but I thought that they had excellent service and freaky fast delivery.
I thought I would bring you another informative Jimmy John’s Suckage Report.

Subway Leads To Sinking Spirits

All around me today, people keep talking about heading to subway and their foot longs… it sort of makes me want to go get a good sandwich and eat it in front of them…. why do people feel the need to torture me with their terrible sandwich etiquette.

Also on this note, I saw my friend who makes dog cookies eating a Jimmy John’s sandwich the other day at the farmers market. I told her that it was unacceptable, and that the next time she needed a sandwich, call me and I would bring her a good one…. i know they deliver… but still. I would rather go out of my way to get a good sandwich for someone rather than have them eat that crap…..

Another fun post about Jimmy John… and how much he sucks

This link was shared on my facebook page recently, with a link to another blog. I don’t make a habit of reposting, but I totally agree with this person. When I went into my rant about Jimmy John, it was because I disagree with his business models, I can’t stand his “sandwiches”, and I think he is a wasteful human being who has no respect for others.

This link that I was sent just adds to my point. People have claimed that i get worked up when people talk about Jimmy Johns, but really, the man does not deserve to be successful. AND…. his sandwiches SUCK….. for real. He brings no good to the human race.

Please enjoy reading about how other people also dislike Jimmy John, because he sucks. I won’t eat at any of his restaurants (in fact I haven’t since my first experience a while ago)

you can also sign up on this page on facebook to not eat at his restuarants… which is what I encouraged a long time ago…

Now I know why Jimmy John’s Sucks: Jimmy is an idiot, and it all trickles down

I came across this video of Jimmy John himself delivering a whole lot of sandwiches to a store opening contest winner….

I am not even going to get into the financial aspect of wasting 1,000 sandwiches…

The customer looks pissed off, the neighborhood and HOA are going to be pissed off at the fact that there are 10000 seagulls that are going to swarm the place, not to mention other wildlife… the maintenance crew is going to be cursing jimmy john’s….

i think the only ones that will be happy about this would be those who are not fortunate enough to put food on their plates, which judging by that apartment complex is not very many people…. hopefully someone ended up donating them to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen or something.

WHY would ANYONE at Jimmy John’s think that this is a good idea? Why would ANYONE even let someone do this, even if they were the owner and founder of the company? Doesn’t anyone have any sense of morality at that company? If you take pride in your sandwiches, why would you load them up and dump them out like it is trash day. Essentially, that is what you did…. you dumped a pile of trash on some guys yard….