Can Jewish Deli’s be Reformed?

Not only do I find this headline slightly amusing in the sense that they are not only talking about Jewish Deli’s, but it is kind of a fun play on words relating to sects of Judiasm and the “Reformation” that has occurred. It is quite thought provoking. However, this article really is not at all about the secular state of sects of Judiasm, it is about sandwiches. And delis. And everyone knows that Jewish Delis have the best sandwiches… especially if you are talking about Pastrami on Rye… piled high…. with mustard. and more pastrami… and probably some more mustard.

It is an interesting read that one of my roommates sent to me, and it talks a lot about the importance of ingredients, and making sure that not only are you using good ingredients, but making sure that they are good for the environment as well. There are a lot of trends leading towards organics, but then again there are a lot of chain restaurants that tend to lean towards the genetically modified varieties of foods as well. I mean, if Quiznos and Jimmy Johns can barely mention a sandwich in their ads, and KFC can try and promote something as horrific as the Double Down as a SANDWICH!!!!! then i think the overall trend is to not focus on what is good for people….

New York Times agrees with me and says that good sandwiches have good ingredients. yep. I guess i am right 🙂
Can Jewish Deli’s be reformed?


Breadless sandwiches are not sandwiches

the KFC Double Down is more of a disgrace to sandwiches than anything else I have ever seen. If canada won’t serve it because it is too disgusting (and this coming from the guys who invented fries and poutine) there is something wrong with it. Yes it has layers (chicken, the General’s “Sauce”, and Bacon) but it is missing the key ingredient to make a sandwich. BREAD!!!!!!

There are all sorts of blog posts about the double down right now, and it is making the news left and right, but it also happened to be perfect timing for this blog topic. I am a big fan of burritos and wraps as well… Very often wraps are considered sandwiches, and they can come pretty close. Some things, like lettuce wraps are very tasty. I guess if you are on a paleo diet and can only eat raw stuff, this would work, but not having bread takes a lot away from the sandwich.

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