Thanksgiving is sandwich time

Here is a collage of all of the sandwiches that I ate over the thanksgiving weekend. i ate a lot of after dinner turkey sandwiches, a couple during the meal, and then we went to boston and ate at a place named Scoozi on newbury street.

Of all of the sandwiches, I think that the second thanksgiving sandwich was the best. The ones that I had at the pre-thanksgiving work dinner were some of the most structurally sound, but the after thanksgiving meal ones were the most comfortable. They remind me of thanksgiving and make me wish I could spend every day with my family eating sandwiches!

The sandwich at Scoozi’s gets a B, because it was a pretty good meat to bread ratio (it was a turkey sandwich, panini style, but they added pickles, which was an odd mix with the dijon mustard). The fish sandwich at Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale was more like a B-/C+ because the fish was good but the slaw on in was not super flavorful. I added some pepper and salt and it was good, but it might have been better on the fresh made bread instead of the kaiser roll.

I ended up eating 6 sandwiches on turkey day, and then the following day I ate 4 more for a mid-afternoon snack. SOOOO GOOOD. I love really good turkey on dinner rolls. Sometimes I add mustard, sometimes cranberry relish, and sometimes sweet potatoes.

Turkey sandwiches gallore!


Huckleberry’s Unpressed Panini

It has been a very long time. Fear not, I still love sandwiches. This one however, I did not love. Emily and I went out with our friend Ramya, who was about 8 months pregnant at the time, and we went to the huckleberry for brunch. It was a quaint little spot, right in downtown Louisville. Cute decor and a nice looking patio off the back. We had a seat on the back patio, and I was hankering for something greasy, but still a little bit light. I Saw their menu, and the Panini section, so I settled on the Mozzarella Mushroom Sandwich for $8.95:
Portobella mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and roasted peppers on housemade foccacia with balsamic drizzle. I asked for it as a panini… but what I got was not a panini.


What I got was a soggy, structureless excuse for a sandwich. The foccacia was not able to support the sandwich, the balsamic soaked through it, and the mozzarella was flavorless. The roasted peppers were barely noticeable and the basil tasted like it had been frozen. Nothing jumped out of the sandwich, and made me want to cherish each bite. This sandwich was to me as this blog has been for many of you, a disappointment. I was really hoping that this sandwich would have been a good comeback from the one at The Oven and its terrible excuse for an onion slice. This “sandwich” wasn’t even toasted, which I think might have helped bring out some of the flavors of the foccacia, but it might have also brought about a little bit of crispness and stopped the soaking through of the balsamic. I also don’t like that all of the slippery layers were next to each other. The cheese, the pepper, and the mushroom were all very prone to sliding, which makes it difficult to eat… especially when the sandwich is not even really big enough to grab with both hands.

I have yet to find a place with good foccacia bread around here, but when I do, you better believe I will make a great sandwich out of it…

the huckleberry
Overall sandwich rating: C-
Presentation: B-
Structure: D
Flavors: C

Non – sandwich related:
Atmosphere: B+
Service: B
Price: C

Chain Sandwich Shops

the other day I was being heckled for this sandwich blog, and someone started asking me all sorts of questions about what is my favorite sandwich shop chain. My first thought was Schlotzky’s because they make a pretty good sandwich, with good bread and decent ingredients. They also toast things well too, unlike Quizno’s who just plain sucks. After some more pondering, I changed my mind to Spicy Pickle because they offer a slightly higher end sandwich; a panini. A panini is a type of sandwich, but the bread is turned inside out with olive oil, then pressed in a “panini press” for a couple of minutes to warm everything up inside.

After more pondering, I think i would say for a traditional sandwich, Schlotzky’s wins, but overall experience, i’m going with spicy pickle. The Spicy Pickle also does soups and salads as well…

Anyway, this brings me to my next point. DON’T GO TO CHAIN SANDWICH SHOPS!!!!!!
• they promote bad sandwiches
• they use crappy ingredients
• the bread is all pre-cooked way in advance, then warmed up
• You get what you pay for!
• if you have to have 37 different types of sauces, then toast it until it is so crispy you cannot fold it and have it stay together, there is something wrong with that!

Lets look at some examples:
• Quiznos: $4 Torpedo. it is a thin loaf that is just really long. they cut it in half, weigh out the ingredients, coat is in a sauce that comes out of a gallon jug, toast it after adding some “spices” (dried oregano), then cut it in half and give it back to you in a paper tube.
• Jimmy John’s: They have days where they offer sandwiches for $1! Yes, that’s great! Too bad ITS NOT WORTH IT! “Freaky Fast and Freaky Good” is their motto. They also have “Free Smells” as a sign on their door. There is one down the street from me (on the way to D’Deli, which I have yet to enter, and condsider an eyesore. I don’t want a sandwich that they can make in 20 seconds with sub-par ingredients.
• Subway: “The Sandwich Artists” and Jared are their two main selling points. Forget the fact that they are based out of Milford, CT, which is a place that doesn’t even have SUBWAYS! All subways smell the same… kind of like the gas station they are in or should be in. There are not very many stand-alone SUBWAY shops around… most of them are nestled into the corner somewhere. I mean, the bread always looks like it is being baked fresh in that fancy oven they all have, but really? Where is the dough being made? Are they kneading it when they are filling up the gas pumps? They also have a lot of sauces which are supposed to make the sandwich tasty, but most of the time all it does is give you gas…. I suppose if you are somewhere where this or McDonalds are the two options, this is a better one, but why didn’t you think ahead and bring your own sandwich in the first place!
• All other fast food restaurants that claim they have sandwiches: Wendy’s, McDonalds, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Hardees, etc… these are not sandwiches. These are processed fast food between a bun with some mayo and lettuce and one slice of tomato… if you ask them to put fries in your sandwich, it probably won’t happen. I love me some wendy’s but I don’t call them sandwiches!