Thanksgiving is sandwich time

Here is a collage of all of the sandwiches that I ate over the thanksgiving weekend. i ate a lot of after dinner turkey sandwiches, a couple during the meal, and then we went to boston and ate at a place named Scoozi on newbury street.

Of all of the sandwiches, I think that the second thanksgiving sandwich was the best. The ones that I had at the pre-thanksgiving work dinner were some of the most structurally sound, but the after thanksgiving meal ones were the most comfortable. They remind me of thanksgiving and make me wish I could spend every day with my family eating sandwiches!

The sandwich at Scoozi’s gets a B, because it was a pretty good meat to bread ratio (it was a turkey sandwich, panini style, but they added pickles, which was an odd mix with the dijon mustard). The fish sandwich at Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale was more like a B-/C+ because the fish was good but the slaw on in was not super flavorful. I added some pepper and salt and it was good, but it might have been better on the fresh made bread instead of the kaiser roll.

I ended up eating 6 sandwiches on turkey day, and then the following day I ate 4 more for a mid-afternoon snack. SOOOO GOOOD. I love really good turkey on dinner rolls. Sometimes I add mustard, sometimes cranberry relish, and sometimes sweet potatoes.

Turkey sandwiches gallore!


Nonna’s Bartolottas is a lotta letters for a wisconsin sandwich joint…

When I think of sandwiches in wisconsin, I think of my dad… and i think of plain white bread, 2 slices of turkey, a sliced tomato and a little bit of salt and pepper. I also think about a thin spread of mayo. I really don’t think about good sandwiches when I think about wisconsin sandwiches.
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How do you determine what is a sandwich?

Now I have set some standards for what is a sandwich, but I also have been questioned numerous times whether things count as a sandwich…. Everyone has their own idea of what a sandwich should be. If you watch the food network, you will see everything from a bite sized morsel to a pile of pig products on top of a loaf of bread. That is a pretty big range.

I think a sandwich is whatever you want it to be.
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