National Sandwich Day, and why sandwiches are important!

I apologize. I really do. I have eaten a ton of sandwiches in the last couple of weeks, and I have had the nerve to not blog about them. I could list them, because I keep track, but the reality is I would prefer to wait until I can list them, and put up some serious blogs.
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Mier’s Makes Them Higher

Mier’s Deli doesn’t see enough traffic I don’t think, but I am ok with that. Every time I go in there, there is no line, and the sandwiches are great.
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Mothers and Sandwiches, part deux (Eggplant Parm & other sandwiches)

How do you figure out where a good place to get a sandwich is? Do you google it? Do you look for places that have lots of cars in the parking lots? do you look for places that are familiar to you from another location (aka chains)? Do you look for places that have pictures of sandwiches on the windows, the signs, or in their names? Do you ask your mother?

I prefer a little bit of everything. As i was back home for the holiday I was looking at the little town of Clinton, CT through a new set of eyes…. wide open sandwich hunting eyes. When i thought about sandwiches in the town I spent every summer in, my mind immediately jumped to a place called saldamarco’s. Saldamarco’s has been in Clinton for as long as i can remember. I always used to ride my bike by it on the way to the marina, and then hope it would still be open on my way back from cleaning the boat. They used to have very strange hours, and it seemed like they were never open when I wanted a sandwich. it would seem like they would close at 4 or 6. But the sandwiches were so good that even when you weren’t hungry and you saw that they were open, you would stop and get one for later.

Well, now the hours are a little bit different, they rearranged the counter, but the shop is still basically the same. It looks a little run-down, and the interesting italian sodas are still in the fridge. They still offer the same types of chips, and the smells are still intoxicating when you walk in there. Here is a picture of the outside:

They do not have a huge selection of fresh veggies, but they do have a pretty good selection of good meats. They make their own roast beef and some other meats, and they have stuff that every good italian deli should have. They have pastrami, salami, ham, turkey, eggplant, chicken parm, fresh mozzarella, Capicola, and so much more. They use really good sub rolls that have just enough substance but aren’t too crunchy. They get a little soggy if you go with something with the tomato based sauce and it sits there too long, but the sandwiches smell so good that you never really want to leave them that long.

I walked in and was thinking about getting the eggplant parm, but it was so hot out that day, that I wanted something cold. That and my mom was getting the eggplant parm. My stepfather got the Sinatra, which is one of their “specialties”. my mom got the eggplant parm, and i got a roast beef and pastrami with lettuce, tomato, peppers, crushed red pepper flakes, olive oil, spicy mustard and vinegar.

I was pretty happy with my sandwich. The quality meats and bread made for good hearty flavorful bites, even though the pastrami was a little on the tough side. There was a healthy slathering of mustard, and the red pepper flakes were sort of like the fireworks from the night before, popping and bursting occasionally among the bites of pastrami, roast beef, and lettuce. The soft bread soaked up just the right amount of olive oil and mustard, and compressed enough with a squeeze so you could get it in your mouth.

Here was my sandwich, before I ate it….

Now on to my mom’s sandwich. Hers was about 3 good sized pieces of breaded eggplant, with provolone and shredded mozzeralla. It was nice and warm, so the cheese got all melty. It was finally starting to cool off as we were sitting by the pool. The sauce was starting to seep into the bread just a little bit. My mom was glad I decided to go on a mission to go get Saldamarco’s Sandwiches, because she really does like sandwiches as well… She also really likes making funny faces while eating sandwiches.

All in all, my mom and I both give a total of 4 thumbs and 2 smiles for the saldamarco’s sandwiches.

Roast beef on a cute little roll, au jus style

When life serves you lemons, you make lemonade. When life serves you roast beef and rolls, you make sandwiches. When life serves you pasta with a pesto sauce, you put it next to your sandwich, because pasta doesn’t go in sandwiches.

That would just be silly…
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Another french dip sandwich

So I am in alaska for a ski trip so it has been a while since I have talked about sandwiches. We have been touring the last couple of days and ww brought along an old line cook/ chef who said he knows a little bit about sandwiches. He made a bagel sandwich, which we know I am not a huge fan of but he also made a chicken salad with mustard and dill. Again I am not a fan of chicken salad. Strike number two. After climbing 4000 vertical feet any sandwich will taste good. And it was toasted so he got some points there. And the sandwich hit the spot which is always a plus. I will allow it this time.

Yesterday was turkey and mustard on bagels. Also toasted and after 3000 vertical feet it tasted pretty good. The mustard was spread thin enough to not squirt out of the hole but the turkey covered the other hole. Pretty tast but could have used a little bit more crunch.

Today I got a big mouthful of powder served with 12 inches of fresh sides so at the end of the day we decided to call it a day. Legs were tired, back was aching and a sandwich was calling my name. I ended up going to a place called the Indian house which used to be owned by my friends grandparents. They had a pretty good selection and when asked between the burger and the French dip I was recommended the sandwich. This was ok with me. The meat was a little overcooked but the jus was tasty. The bread was toasted and the onion rings were very crispy. I of course added them to my sandwich and dipped it all together in the jus. It was pretty good. The atmosphere is worth goin to this place for! A bunch of characters

The Jewzer: A Story of Time Untold

So I have been making sandwiches for a while, and I am a big fan of taste theory. I really like to mix a lot of stuff together, but I also want a sandwich that is memorable when you are finished eating it. In fact, I like to have a sandwich that is easy to describe the taste elements, as well as be able to have some kind of intense flavor combos. the Jewzer is one of these sandwiches. The Jewzer is named after my bike, because I ride a bike around town called the Jewzer Cruiser…

The Jewzer first came to fruition at D’Deli in downtown Golden, CO. It is a great sandwich shop that uses the freshest italian bread, amazing veggies, and lets you put whatever you want on your sandwich. The prices are good, and everything is super fresh. I used to go in and order this sandwich before it was called the Jewzer, and finally Al the Owner decided he needed to try it. Here is the recipe:

• Fresh Italian Bread
• Roast Beef
• honey
• Spinach
• Artichoke hearts
• Jalepenos
• Sundried Tomatoes
• Cucumbers
• Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper

Here is how you do it: Slice open the bread, be liberal with the honey (directly against the bread, so it soaks in and doesn’t get all over the place), lay down the Roast Beef, then the artichoke hearts, cukes, and spinach. Put the jalepenos and sundried on next, then spread on the olive oil, S&P. Close up the sandwich and cut it in half. Eat and enjoy. The jalepenos inside separate from the honey are a good way to prevent the tastes from balancing each other out so quickly. They will eventually, but the honey hits your tongue first, then the jalepenos give you a kick as you chew. It sounds a little odd, but it is really awesome.

If you make a big sandwich and cut it into smaller chunks, it is a great party platter. A Challah bread is a great way to make a big platter of these sandwiches. The egg in the challah is a little odd, but the bread is sweet so it goes well with the honey. A good vegetarian option is to use smoked gouda instead of the roast beef….

Here is a picture of the sandwich as a sandwich of the day:

Here is a picture of the namesake of the sandwich, while hosting a sandwich: