Smoked out at the new smokehouse and bbq

There has been rumor that the new bbq joint, Maverick’s Oak Pit Grill, in Golden was going to open, and finally they did. As with every restaurant, there are hits and misses, and there are the good and the bad. I had heard that the food was ok, and I also knew that the ventilation system was not quite set up. The bar and grill that used to be in the same location always smelled like a grease pit, so I wasn’t expecting much different from this place.

Well, I knew that they were open, because every time I walked by they said they were open, and I kept getting coupons to go in there. Well, being at work, I didn’t have any of the coupons with me, so I decided to check on the local google machine and see what I could come up with…

Well, i found their website. It says it is coming soon and says that they are in golden. There is an image, which is pretty advanced….. but of course there is no phone number. There is also no address, which is fine, because I know where it is. Anyway, I decided to go down there and see what they had for sandwiches…. I looked at their menu (which I would link if i could… but i can’t) and they had a couple of sandwiches. they are trying to get their liquor license, and they are trying to figure out the ventilation system.

I had heard rumors about the quality of service and the quality of food, but I was the only one in there, so my view may be a little skewed…. i mean, they get negative points for not being able to add simple html text to their website with the phone number, but the menu looked good and things looked tasty. i went for a bbq tri tip sandwich on a garlic bread roll, with hand cut french fries. I left for about 10 minutes while my food was being prepared, and when I came back, they were just getting my order ready. Prices were not bad for a sandwich, and the portions were pretty good. They happily obliged to my request for extra terriyaki sauce on the side.

When I got back to work, I opened up the container and this is what I saw…

It looked pretty tasty, and it was a pretty good size…. notice the hand in the background? That is one of my co-workers reaching for the terriyaki sauce. He ordered the same thing I did, and he also realized that there could have been more sauce on the sandwich. The flavor of the meat was good, the bread was toasted, but I couldn’t get any garlic flavor out of it, and I was always under the assumption that bbq was supposed to be messy no matter how you ate it. This was not the case at all. I appreciate that the bun was not soggy with bbq sauce, but there could have at least been a little more than what was on there!

The fries were large cut, and were definitely fresh, but they didn’t seem to have enough seasoning. I ended up taking a couple of them, and as per my usual, putting them in the sandwich, and then pouring some of the terriyaki sauce on top to moisten up the whole thing. I wasn’t really blown away by any of the flavors, and i am curious to see what the oak pit seasoning will do for these guys? I guess I will have to wait and see.

Overall, I gave the sandwich a 2.5/5 because the portions were decent, the fries were fresh, but there was no kick to the flavor, and the bread was sort of a slightly oversized hot dog bun. I think I will wait until they get their smoker up before I go back for more…. sorry.

Oh yeah, should anyone happen to come across this while looking for their phone number, here it is:
Mavericks Oak Pit Grill
1301 13th St
Golden CO 80401
Phone: 303 271 1bbq (1227)


Chicken Sandwich with sweet potato fries and a thai “bbq” sauce

After a nice long bikeride with the dog and a couple of friends, a sandwich is not really what everyone thinks about, but when you drive by one of your favorite bbq places, which happens to be a smoke house and brew-pub, you really have no excuse not to go in. Especially when you are waiting for other people.

I was riding my bike in Nederland the other day, home of the Frozen Dead Guy Days, and also Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewpub. It is normally one of our traditions to go in after a ride and grab a brew and some bbq. they have a great selection of sauces, which makes for all sorts of good sandwiches, but they really only have 3 options as far as what to put on the sandwich. Pork, Chicken, and Beef Brisket. They do however have a lot of beers, some really good sweet potato fries and garlic mashed potatoes, and of course… bbq sandwiches. They do use really good rolls, that are almost like a sourdough, but not quite as sour. Needless to say, I was not going to complain about going to the smokehouse to get something to eat. A lot of the time I end up going with the platter, which is more meat and less sandwich, but for the sake of the sandwich blog and its readers, i opted for the chicken bbq sandwich.

Well. I should have gone for the brisket. I mean, the sandwich was good and all, but the reality is, the sandwich was nothing without the sauce. They had a good bread, and they had a good sauce, but the chicken was a little too dry for my taste. The elements of the sandwich were there, and i was really hoping for something fantastic, but I had to overpower the dry chicken taste with the sauce. I added the sweet potatoes on top, and had to put down two layers of the thai sauce to get good coverage. I could have probably spiced it up a little bit with some lettuce or tomato, which doesn’t normally go on a bbq sandwich, but it would go on a chicken sandwich.

I think if I were making the sandwich, I wouldn’t call it a chicken bbq sandwich, because it wasn’t bbq-e enough for me. If it is a bbq chicken sandwich, then the chicken should probably be simmering in bbq sauce. You can’t really do that if you have 6 sauces to choose from, unless you make a LOT of chicken. That is a lot of waste…..

But back to the sauces….. the sauces that they have are really quite interesting. you can get them as a taster with fries, so you can try out a couple of them. They have the traditional Texas, which is the tomato based, the Sweet Carolina Mustard, which has a little sweet/spicy kick to it, the memphis vinegar, the thai, which is a mix of sweet basil, hot sauce, vinegar and some other stuff, they have an atomic, which is hot and then they have the XXX, which rumor has it nobody has ever finished a meal with that on it…

I think the next time I go back, i am going to get a bbq brisket sandwich, with garlic mashed taters, on cornbread… with the traditional texas sauce, and a dab of XXX mixed in…. What do you think you would get?