Which Wich should be tossed in a ditch…

After a heavy debate about sandwich rules, I was a little worked up. I felt like I had been berated and abused by some of my friends and colleagues, in an effort for them to bring me down to their level of admitting that anything between bread is a sandwich. But I am like a nicely toasted piece of bread, I absorb the flavors but I don’t let the sauce soak in completely.

In the midst of being asked “if my mullet was blocking my hearing” and being told that “I hope you spend an eternity only eating bologna and wonder bread” I decided to go get a sandwich. Now, even with these so-called rules and stipulations that I have about sandwiches, I have never once had an issue finding a sandwich that meets my qualifications. One of these days i will publish my sandwich “rules” but that is something for a different day.
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Picnics from the Picnic Basket, Narragansett RI

I think D’Deli is spoiling me, because it is really tough to find sandwiches that compare. This sandwich blog has really gotten me into some funny conversations, and when people see my credit card with a sandwich on it, they think I am insane! Well, I went to the eye doctors the other day in Wakefield RI, which is right down the street from Narragansett Beach. There are all sorts of chains as well as small shops to go to, so my aunt and cousin and I went to this little place called the Picnic Basket. The location was great, right across from the beach and in a fun little space. I bet they get tons of traffic because of their location and their name! Even when we were in there, there were a lot of sandwiches going out the door.

I walked in and was pretty excited as it reminded me of my home deli. Chalkboards hanging above the meat counter with what I thought were options of meats, veggies, and cheeses to put on my sandwich! I was pretty excited, but as I got closer, I realized that they were all of the “specials” that they had, that were really just sandwiches. There was a tiny little hand written piece of scrap paper next to the ORDER NOW sign that said “condiments”. There is a big difference to me between a condiment, and a sandwich filling. I personally wouldn’t lump sauces with fillings. I think that they are two very distinct and unique aspects to the sandwich. That should have been my first clue. So I looked at the menu for a while, and nothing really jumped out at me. They had a turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich which sounded pretty good, and a cowabunga, which was roast beef with some spicy mustard and chipotle stuff. I really wanted to make my own, but i couldn’t find a list of veggies that they had to put on the sandwich. I even tried dissecting the veggie sandwiches, but they didn’t look like they had a lot to them from the menu descriptions.

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