Las Tortas is freaking AWESOME!!!!!

In an effort to make my friend’s head explode, i am trying to see if I can get two blogs done in 2 days. It has been a while, but since my wife and lovely child are gone for a few days, I am really trying to buckle down.

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The Hippy in me says give me a Mountain Mi

So if we go back to October, and head into the Southern sun up in boulder, you will find this menu.


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Empanadas are like sandwiches, and not like tacos…

According to the state of massachusetts, burritos and tacos are not sandwiches… I would agree with that. I would also agree with the following quote:

“I know of no chef or culinary historian who would call a burrito a sandwich. Indeed, the notion would be absurd to any credible chef or culinary historian.”

I know some of you may disagree with me, but too bad… you are wrong according to the great state of MASS…. Anyway, something that is not covered in this suit is the idea of the empanada… not that would have been a real case in my opinion. A great debate over culinary discrepancies…

Is an empanada a sandwich? let us discuss, because the internet holds no answers… until now.
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Bobcats bite; a burger eaters delight

on a recent trip to santa fe we went to a local burger joint named bobcat bite. it’s a little bit outside of town but it’s famous for its green chili burgers.

it has been featured on the food network a number of times in the owners are very nice people. They don’t have a lot of seating and there are only 8 seats at the bar. We got there a little on the earlier side, but that is only because my Aunt and Uncle know that this place filled up. They don’t serve a whole lot more than meat here. but they know what they are doing, and they do it well. This place is famous for its green chili burger, so that is what I ordered; medium rare.

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Not what you would expect from a place with animal heads all over…

Kodiak Jack’s Steak and Seafood in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is pretty much what you might expect when you walk into a restaurant in Oshkosh. The restaurant itself is a mix between a taxidermy shop, your local bar, and an awesome salad bar. This is place is a real wisconsin establishment, and not somewhere normal people would take a vegan or a lactard…

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Chicken and Waffles, not just for breakfast anymore

After a day of skiing with great friends, soft snow, my friend and fellow sandwich lover Phil and I decided that we should stop by Tommy Knockers Brewery for some food and brew. I have been there before, and their Pastrami was ok, but their grilled cheese was amazing (pre-sandwich blog…. but it has jalepenos and is a double decker…mmmmm). But after a day of skiing, Tommyknockers is a great place to stop. And stop we did.
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Oh D’Deli, I cannot stress how much I missed you

Yep, its true. I have so dearly missed you.

I was having a hankering for a really good sandwich and I haven’t been to my favorite D’Deli in a while. I walked in and waited in line, and noticed while I was in there they had taken down some of the signs, and it looked like they were doing a little bit of updating. They were of course as busy and as cheerful as they always are…

Since it had been a while, I was checking out the new additions to the accessories menu…. wasabi aioli, pickled ginger, asparagus? what? Anyway, this is what I came up with…


It is a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, with some (in this order, from bottom to top) wasabi aioli, turkey, crispy fried onions, pickled ginger, cranberry glaze (with cranberries), sprouts, roasted red peppers, basil, cilantro, red onions, almond slivers, terriyaki sauce, and a little bit more wasabi aioli.

Overall Rating: A
presentation: A-
Structure: A+
Flavors: A
Strengths: It had strong flavors, lots of combinations, but balanced well. Good for you, very fresh tasting.
Weaknesses: Could have had some garlic on there… mmmm garlic. otherwise, none.

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: A+
Service: A+
Price: A (you get a lot of sandwich…)