A sandwich at grandmas

I recently read a book called: Life is Good at Grandma’s, written by Stacey Donovan and illustrated by Cary Phillips.. In this book, they talk about Life is good at Grandma’s, because you can check the rules at the door. The book later goes on to talk about how the kitchen is full of your favorite foods, and how only grandma knows how to make your supersecret favorite sandwich.
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Thanksgiving is sandwich time

Here is a collage of all of the sandwiches that I ate over the thanksgiving weekend. i ate a lot of after dinner turkey sandwiches, a couple during the meal, and then we went to boston and ate at a place named Scoozi on newbury street.

Of all of the sandwiches, I think that the second thanksgiving sandwich was the best. The ones that I had at the pre-thanksgiving work dinner were some of the most structurally sound, but the after thanksgiving meal ones were the most comfortable. They remind me of thanksgiving and make me wish I could spend every day with my family eating sandwiches!

The sandwich at Scoozi’s gets a B, because it was a pretty good meat to bread ratio (it was a turkey sandwich, panini style, but they added pickles, which was an odd mix with the dijon mustard). The fish sandwich at Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale was more like a B-/C+ because the fish was good but the slaw on in was not super flavorful. I added some pepper and salt and it was good, but it might have been better on the fresh made bread instead of the kaiser roll.

I ended up eating 6 sandwiches on turkey day, and then the following day I ate 4 more for a mid-afternoon snack. SOOOO GOOOD. I love really good turkey on dinner rolls. Sometimes I add mustard, sometimes cranberry relish, and sometimes sweet potatoes.

Turkey sandwiches gallore!

Whole foods can make a whole sandwich. Or not.

I don’t normally make a habit out of going into whole foods, but every once in a while I will make a trip there. I always walk by the deli counter and think about getting a sandwich. There is always that lady standing right in front of the counter selling sandwiches by the pound. While the idea of serving sandwiches by the pound intrigues me, I think it sort of screams laziness.

I am probably one of the laziest people out there (as can be seen by the quality of my posts recently) but I think if you are going to be selling sandwiches as gourmet you can’t also be selling them as pre-made… Does anyone else see the issue I have with this?

So I leave the sandwich by the pound lady who is very nice, and take a look at the menu. I have not had a sandwich on focaccia in a while so that was my first decision. Then I decide on the meat… Roast beef wasn’t calling my name because I wanted to load up the veggies and I think that Rb works better with a simpler sandwich mist of the time. I went with the turkey…and loaded up with layers of veggies and sauces.

First came the sundried aioli. Then a layer of caramelized onions and roasted red peppers. Then the turkey, the thousand island dressing and the lettuce and tomato. I didn’t see them make it, but they did ask if I wanted it toasted. At first I wasn’t going to but decided it could only help.


So I get my sandwich and get rung up. The girl at the counter asked me if I had a sandwich punch card. Five sandwiches and you get the sixth free. Not a bad deal. $7 for a decent size sandwich is not that bad. What is bad is having to deal with the crappiest parking lots in history. Every whole foods has terribly designed parking lots…

Anyway, back to the sandwich… It was a little sloppy. I like sandwiches because you can pick them up and not need to worry about dropping things in your lap. Not so much with this slippery little sucker. Tasty, but messy.

Whole Foods
Overall sandwich rating: B°c
Presentation: A-
Structure: B
Flavors: A

Non – sandwich related:
Atmosphere: B-
Service: B
Price: B

Empanadas are like sandwiches, and not like tacos…

According to the state of massachusetts, burritos and tacos are not sandwiches… I would agree with that. I would also agree with the following quote:

“I know of no chef or culinary historian who would call a burrito a sandwich. Indeed, the notion would be absurd to any credible chef or culinary historian.”

I know some of you may disagree with me, but too bad… you are wrong according to the great state of MASS…. Anyway, something that is not covered in this suit is the idea of the empanada… not that would have been a real case in my opinion. A great debate over culinary discrepancies…

Is an empanada a sandwich? let us discuss, because the internet holds no answers… until now.
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Woody’s Veggie Stack Sandwich

Woody’s Pizza & Watering Hole does have more than pizza. They have some sandwiches that are hit or miss, but more often than not, they are a hit. I mean, they are not sandwich specialists by any means, but they do have a variety of breads, some good insides and veggies, and a limited selection of sauces and dressings.

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Which Wich should be tossed in a ditch…

After a heavy debate about sandwich rules, I was a little worked up. I felt like I had been berated and abused by some of my friends and colleagues, in an effort for them to bring me down to their level of admitting that anything between bread is a sandwich. But I am like a nicely toasted piece of bread, I absorb the flavors but I don’t let the sauce soak in completely.

In the midst of being asked “if my mullet was blocking my hearing” and being told that “I hope you spend an eternity only eating bologna and wonder bread” I decided to go get a sandwich. Now, even with these so-called rules and stipulations that I have about sandwiches, I have never once had an issue finding a sandwich that meets my qualifications. One of these days i will publish my sandwich “rules” but that is something for a different day.
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Review: “Toast IT” brand reusable toaster bags

I got a link from a few of my friends, and guest blogger extraordinaire, and it was about toaster bags, that would turn your toaster into a grill. Click here for the video! On the same day that I got that link, I purchased some Toast IT brand toaster bags that claim to do the same thing.


Well, here is my review, and the steps that I took to make myself a “Grilled Cheese” using the recommended methods.
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