The Undertaker is an Undertaking

What do you think of when you hear the name “The Undertaker”? Do you think of the monster truck, the wrestler, or some other sort of big scary thing? Why don’t you listen to the theme song as you continue on.

This is from a while ago, back in the hot days of summer, where the harvest was just starting, and the days felt like nothing short of an ice bath and a bucket of ice cream would cool you off. I went into D’Deli and saw this tasty little treat as a sandwich of the day. The name was undertaker, and at first I thought it was supposed to be intimidating… and then I realized that not only was it intimidating, but everything in it came from underground. How cool is that? Now I love potatoes and radishes and stuff like that, but I have never really been a huge fan of raw beets, jicama, and other weird looking shaped veggies that grow in the dark…. or so I thought.

This sandwich rocked my world though. It took everything I knew about the flavors that I didn’t like and pile drove them from the top rope. My tastebuds were flipped upside down, and instantly I was floored. I was pinned against the mat, held down as the flavors of this sandwich laid a beat down on my senses.


Smoked Gouda, beets, jicama, crispy fried onions, whole garlic cloves, freshly shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, horseradish aioli, and maybe some chickpeas. An earthy balsamic lightly drizzled over the bread. Just thinking about it now makes my mouth water, and I can taste the sweet nectar of the beets, and the crunch of the onions as both flavors melt away with a wisp of smokey flavor from the gouda.

This was a super well thought out sandwich, both in construction of structure and flavor. It was not too heavy on the crunch, and it was not too heavy on the filling veggies. It tasted earthy enough, but not like you were eating a handful of dirt, and it definitely made you feel like you had just taken part in a royal rumble.