Which Wich should be tossed in a ditch…

After a heavy debate about sandwich rules, I was a little worked up. I felt like I had been berated and abused by some of my friends and colleagues, in an effort for them to bring me down to their level of admitting that anything between bread is a sandwich. But I am like a nicely toasted piece of bread, I absorb the flavors but I don’t let the sauce soak in completely.

In the midst of being asked “if my mullet was blocking my hearing” and being told that “I hope you spend an eternity only eating bologna and wonder bread” I decided to go get a sandwich. Now, even with these so-called rules and stipulations that I have about sandwiches, I have never once had an issue finding a sandwich that meets my qualifications. One of these days i will publish my sandwich “rules” but that is something for a different day.

Lincoln: Does anyone want to get some sandwiches for lunch? I am totally serious.
@Dave, please for the love of all things holy, don’t burn down the house.

Me:i am in… where we going?

Lincoln: i dont know, somewhere you can blog about.

This is where we ended up:

It is a placed named “Which Wich”, which in my opinion is a pretty good name. I have been here before (not this one, but another) and I have enjoyed my experience, even though it was a little overwhelming the first time walking in there.  This time my experience was totally different, especially since I have been spoiled by wonderful delis and great customer service….

Which wich has an interesting ordering system. Instead of you telling someone what you want, you have to go up to this carousel of paper bags.
Once you have found the inside of your sandwich, you have to go through and look at your list of toppings. They do have a couple of “pre-designed” sandwiches for those that do not like to experiment.

Or for those of us who think that their list of toppings is really weak. Below is the list of extras and toppings that you can put on your sandwich….
Notice that there is no selection of sprouts, carrots, green peppers, mixed greens, mushrooms, garlic cloves, banana peppers, etc. Their selection of sauces is so weak that it doesn’t even have a terriyaki or any kind of aeolis. Ketchup is listed as one of their sauces…. yes. it is a sauce. Yes, it could be good on sandwiches…. but wow…. just wow.

Anyway… I got the “Thank You Turkey” because it came with stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was one of their pre-designed sandwiches, and I was curious to see how it came out. I also was looking at the list of things to put in the sandwich, and it was not really inspiring me to do so. No sprouts, carrots or spinach…

When it came, this is what it looked like…

Meat to bread ratio was way off. The Cranberry sauce was not even close to being evenly spread. The “Toasted” bread was not even crispy and the stuffing was about as dry as you might find after wandering around in the dessert for a few days. The entire sandwich was flavorless and boring… so boring in fact that I was unable to finish my sandwich. I took half of it home with me to put in the office fridge and eat later. It wasn’t that the sandwich was that filling or anything, it was because I was so not enthused about eating a sandwich that was that sub-par. I really felt like taking one of the markers that they made me use to write my name on the paper bag and correcting the name of their shop to Ditch Wich.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed that this place was as crappy as it was. I am going to add it to the list of places to avoid, like Jimmy John’s, Subway, Quiznos, and gas station sandwiches…

Which Wich
Overall Sandwich Rating: D+
Presentation: D+
Structure: D+
Flavors: F (it tasted like mush…. )

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: C+ (crowded, confusing, and cluttered)
Service: C+ (9 employees and you only interact with 2… the one who takes your money and the one who yells your name incorrectly so you can come grab your sandwich)
Price: B- (not a bad price, just a bad sandwich)


8 thoughts on “Which Wich should be tossed in a ditch…

  1. Ok

    Wait a minute

    I didn’t see your new blog post till right now

    First off, their thank you turkey is the suck. I had it once. Its good on paper, that’s it.

    Second, you give the place a fail after having been there TWO times?

    Third, what type of sandwich guru orders thank you turkey from a place like whichwich, which OBVIOUSLY doesn’t have leftover turkey or fresh stuffing or fresh cranberry sauce.!?!?!

    You, sir, are the fail.

    Its 50% YOUR fault if you YOU get a bad sandwich there.

    YOU are telling them the combination…YOU can ask for extra meat

    This is like saying a Mongolian bbq place makes gross food. COMPLETE FAIL

    You have to understand the limitations of a place like whichwich

    Its not a boutique deli like D’Deli. They cant possibly keep all that garbage you want to have have an option of.

    No banana peppers?????

    ARE YOU AN IDIOT? YOU CAN SEE THEM LISTED ON THE BAG. Theyre called “Pepperoncini”

    Did you ALSO see the Hot Pepper Mix?

    In many respects, superior to banana peppers.

    Want the acidity from the banana peppers, ask for vinegar.




    Not toasted enough?

    In my many times there, maybe 40times?, I’ve had like 3 sandwiches that weren’t toasted enough.

    I’ve only been to two locations, the Park Meadows one and the HR Town Center one.

    Go back

    Get a gyro with extra meat, no cheese, the toppings you like, hot pepper mix, vinegar, and whatever else you like.

    Worth noting, this place has a few things that aren’t listed on the sauces list. You have to talk to them.

    For example, they have tzatziki sauce available, but its not listed as a sauce. Just ask them.



    OH YEA

    • Which Wich is the fooking worst. Crappy bread, sub-par meat. Turrrrrrrrrrible service. The overall taste is reminiscent of reanimated roadkill.

      You suck, phil and so does Which Wich.

  2. I used to work at which wich and out of all the time that I worked there ( which was 1 year) I’ve only had a customer complain 5 times about the sandwhich that they ordered most of the time it was because they didn’t like the flavors they had together . Some people do some crazy sandwhich stuff . I personally love this sandwhich place and would prefer it to subway or jimmy johns

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